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Congratulations to Silje Teisen, Christina Nielsen, Malou Lind, Charlotte Stensholm and Ole Schrøder for achieving shodan on Saturday 6 March under a panel of Chief Instructor Sensei Frank Starck-Sabroe and assistent Chief Instructor Jesper Fjeldgaard Andersen. The grading was held at the Shotosha Honbu Dojo.

To achieve shodan level is really just the beginning of one’s “professional” training as a serious martial artist.

Shodan is a difficult grade because all the emphasis is now on YOU. Development of your teaching skills by helping others and taking junior grades under your wing. Setting an example to other students by your training, skills, attendance and knowledge and all the aspects of the Taifu Dojo Motto. A time to really develop your Philosophy and way of thinking to improve your mind. A time to test your own level of understanding.